Jieun Kim

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"Music, especially classical music, combines various tones and sound elements in the process of moving between harmony and discord to create a melody of the moment. When I lead a visual work, the way I stack and create the combinations is similar. I try to catch the elements that flash on the canvas like stacking each note of music, and I think for a long time about whether those elements will fit in well."

Kim Ji-eun(b.1989), who studied visual arts in Nuremberg, Germany, where she left for her master's degree in violin, digs into the intersection between music and art by expanding auditory sound to visual work. The unique visuals of her work embody the artist's musical background and "musical thinking", bringing together visual lines, forms, and elements to motivate the artist's movements, just as sound elements improvise melodies.

  • No title, oil on canvas, 91x72, 5cm, 2022

  • No title, oil on canvas, 91x72, 5cm, 2022

  • No title, oil on canvas, 91x72, 5cm, 2022

  • EDTION.  No title, oil, pastel on canvas, 90x75cm, 2021

  • EDTION.  No title, oil on canvas, 90x75cm, 2021



The stroll gallery - 2022. Oct. Work Through Time



Produced and published by The stroll gallery, 2022.

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