Most of Yislow’s works are not clear because they are inspired and based on old memories and experiences such as faded photographs. Various and disordered lines and colors bloom from the heart lays one another forms into shapes, expressing an infinite image that cannot be defined, like disappearing humming, fills the canvas naturally, instinctively, and spontaneously like water flows. The artist’s pictorial character is not limited to the typical square frame, but her work is completed in various materials and forms. In the last place where the artists passed by, she and her friends bloom innocently. Perhaps the work of YISLOW is most like the imagery when the word ‘innocent’ is interpreted in the language of visual art. 






경칩, Acrylic on canvas, 145.5*112.1cm, 2023 


Friends Friends(16), Acrylic on canvas, 72.7*90.9cm, 2023


Friends Friends(18), Acrylic on canvas, 80.3*100.0cm, 2023


Somewhere Unknown_Spring Night(1), Acrylic on canvas, 60.6*72.7cm, 2023



Sweet Along

(2023. 11. 03. - 2023. 12. 30.)