Over The Boundary


In celebration of International Women’s Day, The Stroll Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition “Over The Boundary”, featuring two young female Korean artists, Yeonwoo Kim and Heeina Im. The exhibition, curated by Yu-Kyung Jang, is part of an artist support program dedicated to discovering young and emerging artists in Korea.


Yeonwoo Kim and Heeina Im visualize what they feel in unique artistic visual languages – beyond the dichotomous boundaries dividing human and nonhuman and me and others. Through this exhibition, “Over The Boundary”, we hope to share the unique perspectives of these young artists on the contemporary era, offering viewers a chance to open their minds to those often-ignored parts of daily life – and consider the possibilities of solidarity with each other.



 About the Artists

 Artist Yeonwoo Kim’s work focuses on the small existences that pass by our surroundings in day to day life, things like discarded plant pots from the street, abandoned but still full of vitality. Using ambiguous colour tones and traditional painting techniques, she depicts these discarded flora with a vibrancy and richness that blur boundaries between background and foreground. In her work, abstract shapes on the screen look like paint smudged on paper, and may at first seem soft and loose, but deliver a clear energy of life we might not have noticed before. By examining things that do not fit in, the artist feels deep emotions and senses, reproducing those feelings on the canvas as she reflects on personal experiences.


Artist Heeina lm’s work raises questions about the boundaries of identity that distinguish us from one another – and the social norms to decide when we other or not. With this in mind, she uses diverse sizes of circles weaved with different coloured fabrics to visualize dynamic individuals' characters and reproduce them as one fluid object installation in the space.  This installation is about balance and the coexistence of various boundaries with each other. But as every individual interacts and changes constantly, Im’s installation is temporary and variable at the same time. In an ever-changing landscape, the artist asks viewers to imagine the boundless potential of solidarity with each other.


Yeonwoo Kim

Heeina Im