Park Ji-young

Yogurt Bowl by Park Ji-young


Stroll Curation:

This bowl is perfect to hold yogurt and ice-cream. It has a high heel which makes it serves dessert & fruits better than for meals. The edge of the bowl is decorated as a flower petal which makes your table setting beautiful and gracious. 

요거트나 아이스크림 등을 담기에 적합한 사이즈의 볼입니다. 높은 굽이 달려있어 식사용 상차림보다는 디저트 등을 담기에 더욱 적합한 모양입니다.

Brand Story:

Park Ji-young creates pottery transmitting light and inspired by nature such as flowers and leaves. The shape of nature is engraved to the pottery, and a glassy glaze is applied on it to subtly shine under sunlight and lighting. This dinnerware creates a subtle mood
on the table with its elegant and beautiful shape.

박지영 작가는 꽃, 나뭇잎 등 자연의 모습을 담은, 빛이 투과되는 특징을 가진 도자기를 만듭니다. 자연의 형태를 도자기에 투각하고, 그 위에 유리질의 유약을 입혀 햇빛과 조명에 따라 은은하게 빛을 발합니다. 테이블에 은은한 무드를 만들기에 더없이 좋은 제품으로 꽃잎을 닮은 형태가
우아하고 아름다운 식기입니다.

Shopping Guide:

These products are all made to order, so it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks until the products delivered to our customer depend on the artist’s urn schedule. Waiting is difficult, however, we promise. They are worth waiting for. We will update you as much as possible until you have them!


Size: Ø95 x 70 mm
Material: ceramics
Country of Origin: Korea
Option: Flower or Line style is available.
Dishwasher: Yes
Microwave: Yes

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