Jungwon Lee

Bubble Cake Stand by Jungwon Lee


Stroll Curation:

Seasonal Limited!

Planning for a warm, dazzling festive dinner with the dearest persons?
Introducing Jungwon Lee's cake stand.

This glass cake stand with bubbles is perfect for cakes, desserts, fruits... or even just as a nice decor. It brings a festive atmosphere onto your table. 

Brand Story:

Jungwon Lee creates his glassworks using the blowing technique, which creates shapes by blowing glass melted at a high temperature at over 1100 degrees. Blowing technique is a task that blows the hot glass through a long pipe at the right temperature and time, and it requires breathing in the air at the right timing. His glassworks made in this way possess both delicacy and boldness, flexibility and strength. 


Big: ø250 mm
Small: ø200 mm

Big: Appx. 590g
Small: Appx. 497g

Material: Glass

Country of Origin: Korea


*Jungwon Lee's works are all handmade, so the actual size of each piece can be slightly different from the one in the picture.

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