HALO EDITION – GIGA (“Giga”系列投影燈)


Stroll Curation:


“A new scale”

Halo Giga is the newest addition to the Halo family along with the Halo Line. Giga is our most sophisticated design to date, capable of creating large beautiful light installations.5x more powerful than a Halo One, Giga can achieve a projection of up to 10 meters of diameter at night or daylight. Carved from a solid plate of aluminum, the body is designed to maximize the spread of the heat in an elegant compact design. This model opens new possibilities for architects and creatives to design environments in a unique and modern way by allowing them to project a giant sun on the facade of the building wall or ceiling. Halo Giga is available in Sunset Red and Deep Blue color. Is also available for outdoor and ceiling installation upon request.

    Brand Story:

    Mandalaki is a product and consulting design firm founded in 2012 by Enrico De Lotto, George Kolliopoulos, and Giovanni Senin in Milan, Italy. Davide Giovannardi became partner in 2013. The team has different educated backgrounds in Product Design, Economy, and Art.

    Mandalaki explores the intersection between design and technology to create unique pieces of high quality and conceptual values as a result of their consistent innovative approach between industrial and artisanal processes.


    Usage: Floor Lamp
    Dimensions: 180h x 12w x 11d cm / 71h x 5w x 4d in
    Color: Black anodized
    Material: Aluminium, brass, iron, glass
    Weight: 2 Kg
    Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz
    Output: 36V
    LED Power: 18W
    Lumen: ~ 2600 lumen
    Adaptor certifications: Rohs, FCC, CE, ERP
    Warranty: 1 year
    Steam: Available also for ceiling and outdoor.
    Color Available: Sunset Red, Deep Blue
    Made in Italy

    **Please note that a delivery fee of HKD 300 will be charged per purchase.


    Do not sign-off on acceptance if the packing of delivered goods is damaged or deformed; do not discard the package before first use and function test.

    Halo Edition is a sophisticated optical light projector with fragility. The client shall handle with care when disassembling and taking out the goods (do not forcefully drag it out) and during daily use.
    • Device heating up during use is normal.
    • When installing and whenever acting on the appliance, ensure that the power supply has been switched off.
    • The appliance may in no way be modified or tampered with, any modification may compromise safety causing the appliance to become dangerous. HALO EDITION declines all responsibility for products that are modified.
    • The light source cannot be replaced by the customer.

    • Use only a soft cloth to clean the appliance, dampened with water and soap or mild cleanser if needed for resistant dirt.
    • Warning: do not use alcohol or other solvents.

    • Warranty: 1 year. Effective from the date of sales. 
    • Quality complaints: clients need to provide photos/videos of the outer packaging as well as the product as a whole and in detail
    • Each lamp is an integrated product assembled by hand in Italy. It is unlikely to fix the product or change spare parts domestically if it is significantly damaged, e.g. lamp head is broken or burned.

    • Refund requests caused by the change of mind can only be accepted when the outer packaging is intact. The client shall pay for the round shipping fee. 

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