Instant - Spring 5


Stroll Curation:

Yislow's work has focused on the positive aspects of relationships that constitute human life. However, the subjects of the relationships depicted in her work range from ordinary individuals to abstract realms such as time, events, objects, or even the artist herself. Similar to many other contemporary artists, Yislow has been significantly influenced by mass media, exposing herself to various characters and universes within it. However, she enhances the persuasiveness of her work by actively incorporating her own attitude towards life into the process of visually expressing these influences. Noteworthy features in her work, characterized by freedom and spontaneity, include a unique sense of disorderly lines created through bold brushstrokes, as well as a vibrant and colorful palette that infuses liveliness into her paintings. The touch in her work, embodying infinite possibilities, breathes a special vitality into the characters she portrays by transcending fixed concepts and boundaries. Another aspect that distinctly reveals Yislow's artistic approach is her unconventional practice of not confining herself to typical rectangular frames, but rather experimenting with various materials and media. 

"Gyeongchip" captures the excitement and vibrant energy of welcoming the upcoming spring. The "Instant" series expresses the intuitive and spontaneous nature, while the "Somewhere Unknown" series depicts a scene where everyone is naturally moving towards somewhere else. These three series interconnect in the artist's constructed world, uniquely expressed in separate yet similar forms. Another series presented in this exhibition, "Lo & Freckles," follows the same pattern. "Lo" exists as another self of the artist within her artistic world, assuming various forms under the unique quality of being "nothing," which ironically allows it to become "anything." "Freckles” is a group of characters created based on the artist's unique pictorial sensibility by giving graphic symbolism to the five senses of human beings. "Freckles" is a group of characters created based on the artist's unique pictorial sensibility, representing the five senses of human beings through graphic symbolism. "Lo," symbolizing inexhaustible possibilities that freely expand and transform, along with the characters named "Chorong," "Lulu," "Kungkung," and "Yamyam," each possessing their own unique names and personalities, adds a sense of reality to Yislow's dreamy world unfolded throughout the exhibition. 

The characters depicted in Yislow's artworks evoke a natural curiosity within viewers. Their gazes and footsteps inspire a sense of anticipation and joy, creating a delightful atmosphere filled with laughter and humming. The Stroll gallery, bustling throughout the year 2023, has chosen Yislow's solo exhibition as the grand finale. This exhibition in Hong Kong provides the first opportunity to showcase the artist's numerous paintings and installation works, characterized by their enchanting and fairytale-like expressions born from a rich imagination. As the year comes to a close, Yislow and The Stroll gallery warmly invite you to immerse yourself in this magical and dreamlike space, where vibrant colors and soft, warm textures create a joyful journey to be walked along together. 


Artist Story:


Most of Yislow’s works are not clear because they are inspired and based on old memories and experiences such as faded photographs. Various and disordered lines and colors bloom from the heart lays one another forms into shapes, expressing an infinite image that cannot be defined, like disappearing humming, fills the canvas naturally, instinctively, and spontaneously like water flows. The artist’s pictorial character is not limited to the typical square frame, but her work is completed in various materials and forms. In the last place where the artists passed by, she and her friends bloom innocently. Perhaps the work of YISLOW is most like the imagery when the word ‘innocent’ is interpreted in the language of visual art. 


Size: 53 X 45.5 cm
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Country of Origin: South Korea

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