Lee Na

Water Pool I 수영장1


Stroll Curation:

The Stroll Gallery will open a solo exhibition with Lee Na. With the start of summer in June, the exhibition is named “때마침 초록; The Green Room”.

In this exhibition, you can admire a total of 11 of her paintings, influenced by her childhood memories and imagination. The paintings will help you remember your childhood in nature. The figures in the artworks will help you to dive into the artist’s world, where emotions, relationships and the environment are drawn in detail.

The drawings have captured a beautiful nature with children running freely in the fruit green forest. It is also full of the beauty of nature and life. It also stimulates your imagination as the figure in the swimming pool remind you of the hot summer in the blue swimming pool of your childhood.


Artist Story:


The work began with photos from childhood in the 80s and 90s.

I drew while looking at the photos, which naturally led to drawings, collages and painting. I started drawing the person who was closest to me. By focusing on the person in the photo, I felt that the emotions of the person at the time were transferred to me. I dragged the people in the photos into my world and created a new scene according to the mood and emotions I was feeling. The people outside the photos lead to a new story and play a central role in the story. All their emotions, their relationships, the people around them and the scenery in the photos. I focus on these elements of the story. Based on these elements, I continue to explore the possibilities of a story.

In this exhibition [때마침 초록; The Green Room] my paintings are influenced by my childhood memories, emotions and fantasies. Children may not be strong enough, but they are flexible and full of life. The flexible nature and richness of life will stimulate your own imagination. I came up with an imaginary space with the children in my childhood photos as a motif. Fresh fruits, animals and insects harmonize in a huge forest where there are only children. I hope that it will be an opportunity for someone to enter the world of the painting and bring back fond memories that have been forgotten, or stimulate their imagination.


Size: 53 X 41 cm
Material: Color on paper
Country of Origin: South Korea

Please note that a delivery fee will be charged per purchase.

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