In the Depths of (Fondness)

Exhibition Overview

"In the Depths of (Fondness)" features the captivating art world of Yoon Hyung Taek. This private viewing explores the extraordinary within the ordinary. Through a diverse range of media, including paintings, drawings, sketches, the artist masterfully weaves warm narratives that document the happiness found in everyday life. 

For Yoon, daily life is a tapestry of fleeting moments, swiftly collected in the past and shaped by the future. "In the Depths of" the exhibition's title and theme, delves into the overlapping layers of moderate joy and warmth that exist within the fabric of our lives, rather than a profound and instantaneous happiness. While inspired by the artist's own experiences, the artwork ultimately goes beyond individual stories, becoming a reflection of our collective human narrative.  

Yoon Hyung Taek's artwork beautifully captures a peaceful and trusting atmosphere, where individuals coexist harmoniously, side by side rather than in confrontation. Each stroke on the canvas invites fascination, as it portrays the timeless moments of togetherness. Through the depiction of family and beloved lovers, the artist’s work explores fragments of memories that are both extraordinary and familiar, bridging the gap between the extraordinary and the ordinary. 

About the Artist

Yoon Hyung Taek captures the essence of intimacy found in ordinary moments through his simplistic yet expressive portraits. Drawing inspiration from fragmented memories and the human experience of closeness, the artist’s art emanates a radiant feeling of warmth and comfort. With subtle details and a sense of stillness, he showcases his modest yet intricate style, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in his work.

The artist’s art portrays a sense of trust and peace. Rather than confrontational scenes, his paintings capture the serene coexistence of two individuals sitting together without a specific purpose. This simple act of being together fascinates the artist.


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