Light and Object - 빛과 기물들

Exhibition Title: "Light & Object"
Exhibition Period: From August 24th to September 9th, Saturdays included
Discount Rate: 20-40%
Discount Rates for Pottery Purchases:
- Purchases over $2000: 35% off
- Purchases over $5000: 40% off(*excluding Mandalaki)

We invite you to a beautiful world where the lighting of Mandaraki meets the diverse pottery creations of artists. This exhibition offers a special opportunity to experience the harmony created by the combination of lighting and pottery, illuminating the space and showcasing the beauty of art. Mandaraki's lighting products transform spaces with unique designs and stunning lighting effects, while the pottery creations by various artists combine artistic sensibility with practicality.

Beauty of Lighting
Mandaraki holds a unique position in the world of lighting. With deep colors and delicate lighting effects, it can create a fantastic atmosphere in interiors. In this exhibition, various lighting products will be showcased, allowing you to experience the impact of lighting on space and appreciate the beauty of lighting.

Pottery by Artists
The exhibition features the works of various artists such as Park Sung-geuk, Park Sun-min, Kim In-sik, Kim Dong-wan, Lee Jeong-won, and Lee Chang-hwa. The pottery pieces, including moon jars, glass moon jars, lacquer cups, and upcycled glass cups, are made in various forms and materials. They captivate attention with unique designs and exquisite finishes, beautifying dining tables while providing practicality in everyday life. Through the exhibition, you can encounter the artists' creativity and artistic expression.

Discount Event
Special discounts will be offered for pottery purchases during the exhibition period. A 35% discount will be applied for purchases over $2000, and a 40% discount for purchases over $5000. This provides an opportunity for exhibition visitors to access pottery at a more affordable price and enjoy art. It will be a special opportunity for pottery collectors and art enthusiasts.

During the exhibition period, we will provide a space where visitors can experience the beauty of art and lighting. This exhibition will emit a new creative energy through the convergence of art and lighting, offering visitors a unique and beautiful experience. Everyone is welcome!

[ Artist List ]
김동완 | Dongwan Kim
김인식 | Insik Kim
박선민 | SeonMin Park
박성극 | SongKuk Park
이정원 | JeongWon Lee
이창화 | Changhwa Lee

[ Special Offer ]
All item including Mandalaki : 30% off
All plates (excluding Mandalaki) : 
Over 2,000 HKD: 35% off   
Over 5,000 HKD: 40% off