Trope at the Moment; 순간의 시선

Exhibition Overview

In September, The Stroll Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition "Trope at the Moment" by the esteemed artist, Song Sumin. 


Within this exhibition, patrons will witness artworks wherein the artist selectively fragments and magnifies imagery that revolves around idyllic gardens bedecked with lush grass and resplendent blossoms. Natural phenomena, ranging from the explosive spectacle of volcanic eruptions to the mesmerizing dance of flames, also find their place within these creations. The collection further delves into images evoking wisps of smoke spiraling from untamed fires. These elusive forms, whether they embody the ephemeral plumes of fireworks or the dramatic torrents of fountain cascades, intricately fill the canvas, evoking a myriad of scenes reminiscent of a resplendent fireworks gala. Through a tapestry of narratives meticulously woven to encompass sensory perceptions and spatial attributes, our ardent aspiration is that you, as discerning connoisseurs, shall embark on an unparalleled experiential journey. 

This exhibition beckons as an exceptional opportunity to unveil Song Sumin's trajectory in the artistic milieu of Hong Kong. Anticipation abounds as we warmly await the participation of esteemed visitors who will undoubtedly grace this event with their discerning presence. 

About the Artist

This exclusive exhibition encompasses a collection of artworks that impeccably illustrate Song Sumin's evolving perspective within her ongoing artistic journey. Leveraging the vast expanse of the internet, the artist adeptly curates and archives images from diverse sources. These meticulously selected images subsequently undergo a process of deconstruction and manipulation, ultimately giving birth to an entirely novel visual lexicon. Despite the dissolution of their original narratives, the resultant images imbue fresh connotations and significance through the conduit of painting, all masterfully captured onto canvas. 
Song Sumin has received awards and recognition from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, OCI YOUNG CREATIVE, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions and solo shows. Currently, she is preparing for the Dreamy group exhibition at the Hong Kong Cultural Center and the "Eternal Romantic Flowers" exhibition at the Jeollanam-do Provincial Art Museum, as well as a solo exhibition at the Kumho Museum. 



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Sumin Song