The Secret Cabinet

  • Overview


    Located in the Industrial Area of Hong Kong, The Stroll gallery will hold a special exhibition The Secret Cabinet to introduce more than 30 pieces of new artworks by young and promising Korean artists Ahra Kim, Chansong Kim, Doyu Hwang, Lee Na, Jieun Kim, Jiyeon Kim, Juhyun Kim, Yeonhong Kim and Yunzo Paek 


    The Secret Cabinet tells the stories of precious things hidden in the secret cabinets of nine artists. The valuables in the artists’ cabinets are not just merely materialistic consumer goods, but long-lasting stories of “Values”: a memory of a particular day, a resemblance of an experience, or the mind and breath of the artist. These values allow them to live as artiststhe way they look at the world, the emotions and sensibilities they perceive and feel simultaneously, and the attitude they uphold as artists. And the exhibition space, The Stroll Gallery, becomes The Secret Cabinet that invites the audience to cherish the values the artists cherish.   


    Through the harmonisation of works by the nine artists with various environments and values, The Stroll Gallery hopes to create a small yet powerful comfort to the hearts of those who are exhausted by recent economic and social changes. The exhibition is on view from November 25, 2022 to January 12, 2023. 



    HOST The Stroll gallery | Stella A&C 

    VENUE The Stroll gallery, Unit 504, 5F, Vanta Industrial Centre, 21-23 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung 

    DATE November 25 (Friday) - January 12 (Thursday), 2022 

    HOURS Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 7pm 

    PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Ahra Kim, Chansong Kim, Doyu Hwang, Lee Na, Jieun Kim, Jiyeon Kim, Juhyun Kim, Yeonhong Kim, Yunzo Paek