Walk through Time



The Stroll Gallery proudly presents Walk Through Time (성실한 공예): Korean Hands, The Next Generation, the ‘largest’ Korean crafts exhibition in Hong Kong. The exhibition features the work of 8 Korean artists leading in the fields of glasswork, furniture design, and painting.

Encompassing various art media, the exhibition embodies and delivers the most important messages about the future direction of The Stroll Gallery. First, how is the Korean aesthetic accumulated throughout Korean art history passed on to the younger generation of artists? Secondly, what values should the globalizing Korean art look at?.


Diversity and Development Story of Korean Crafts - Artists Kyungduk Choi, Dongwan Kim, Jeongwon Lee, Woonggul Yang, and Sanghyun Yoon explore the possibility of craft as a formative art by reinterpreting craft with a modern sensibility while inheriting the tradition. Through their works, the artists demonstrate the diversity and development story of Korean crafts.

Harmony with Anomaly - Artist Ahra Kim, who is participating as the only painting artist, shows a fascinating correspondence with crafts by transferring the formative material of Dancheong to the 2D surface.

Sustainable Living - In their craft, Seungji Mun and Seonmin Park examine the value of sustainability in art. During the pandemic, ‘sustainability’ has emerged as a core value for mankind's survival. The works produced with upcycling glass and plastic waste guide the pioneering direction of art and craft.

Up/Re-cycling - The Net Bag, a new product of PLEATS MAMA that promotes a sustainable lifestyle, will be introduced during this exhibition. The Net Bag is made of recycled nylon material from waste fishing nets and would be a beautiful, eco-friendly alternative for environmentally aware consumers. This collaboration between The Stroll Gallery and PLEATS MAMA marks an innovative step towards contemplating sustainability in art.


Combining craft and art, commerce and environment, and tradition and technology, this exhibition is supported by the thankful financial award by the Fund for Korean Art Abroad program promoted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Arts Management Service Center of the Korean government.

Walk Through Time (성실한 공예): Korean Hands, The Next Generation, the ‘largest’ Korean craft exhibition in Hong Kong, presents a journey towards the future and coexistence.



Jeongwon Lee

Dongwan Kim

Ahra Kim

Sanghyun Yoon

Woongul Yang

Seungji Mun

Kyungduk Choi

Seonmin Park


Installation Views