Kyungduck Choi

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 Choi Kyungduk, who grew up in a hanok for more than a decade as a child, reimagines the moderation and nature of the ‘soban’ by contemplating its deconstruction and reconstruction. Unlike today's tables that are fixed in one place, Soban accompanied the artist's daily movements as a child, breaking down the boundaries between the kitchen and living space. Majored in architectural design in Japan, the artist gives a modern perspective to the fluidity of single-person households as an architectural standard. 




  • SOBAN 1, Kyungduck Choi, Beech plywood, oil stain finish, H 240x D 330 mm, 2022



White in peace



Produced and published by The stroll gallery, 2022.

All information is courtesy of the artist and The stroll gallery.

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