Insig Kim

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Insig Kim uses the technique of mixing different colors of soil to make the pattern appear on the surface. While normal “Yeonri” techniques create patterns by mixing soil with large differences in color, Insig Kim’s technique is more unique in creating patterns on porcelain because he uses only white soils with different chroma.

The artist's work, named 'Baekyeonri', creates the illusion that only the most beautiful part of the fine marble has been extracted and polished in the form of ceramics.



  • Moon Jar , Insig Kim, Glazed ceramics, ø320

  • Moon Jar , Insig Kim, Matte ceramics, ø160

  • Moon Jar , Insig Kim, matte ceramics, ø320

  • Moon Jar , Insig Kim, Ma tte c eramics, ø170



White in Peace




Produced and published by The stroll gallery, 2022.

All information is courtesy of the artist and The stroll gallery.

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