White In Peace


《White in Peace: A Journey to the White Light》 is a story of the strong white light emitted by the three potters, Insig Kim, Changhwa Lee, and Songkuk Park. The silence and softness of the exhibition hall filled with white light are calm as if we are walking on a peaceful walk, unlike our daily lives, which are hectic due to the hot weather.


From In-sig Kim, who created different soil harmony and experiences by mixing various kinds of white clay, Songkuk Park, who deals with the nature of the soil that bends freely through the unique texture of Korean paper, to Chang-hwa Lee's white porcelain that shows both formability and practicality. The white light emitted by the three artists' white porcelain in one space is similar but subtly different, mixed and re-distanced and rhythmically emitted. Not only the white porcelain of the potter, but also the air in the exhibition hall, the strong light emitted by the potter's work seems to have taken up a larger volume paradoxically. Enjoy the wisdom of humility that white porcelain gives you quietly, avoiding the hectic daily summer life.
About The Stroll gallery. 


Stroll, which has introduced Korean artists to the Hong Kong Art Scene through an online platform since 2019, has become The Stroll gallery, a newly transformed Kwai Chung, the factory space with the initiative hope of Hong Kong government's revitalization policy.

In the newly opened space of Stroll, we would like to present Korean beauty in Hong Kong's local art scene in multiple layers through works of various genres such as flat surface, media art, and art furniture as well as craft works that have been introduced so far.

Under Stella A&C, The Stroll gallery continues to be joined by Korean artists and works as an extension of Bottari and Kave, which has introduced Korean culture, lifestyle alcohol, food and beverage.


JULY 22th - AUG 27th, 2022


Work in Exhibition

SOBAN 1, Kyungduck Choi

Moonjar, Insig Kim






Installation Views