Tracing a Ray of Light to Your Mind



光。探索。心靈 / Tracing a Ray of Light to Your Mind 

In many cultures, light means enlightenment, truth, insight, and hope. This exhibition is about exploring one-self with light. The lanterns by Sungchul Kim, a small but surely shining light in the dark, are like small but warm lanterns that light up our journey to pursue the meaning of life. Even in the midst of hardships and trials, a feast of blue and white characters by Jiang Xiaoqing resembles a blue sky of strong mind for not giving in. We cherish a belief in oneself that struggles to find meaning in our life. These ceramic works embody such beliefs are nicely selected for this exhibition.


DEC 3, 2021 ~ JAN 8, 2022


Work in Exhibition




강소청 (Jiang Xiaoqing)

김성철 (Sungchul Kim)