Wel:coming the Moon



Welcoming the Moon 

Korean Hands, the Next Generation presents the artworks of KIM Insig, KWON Jungmo, LEE Jungwon and CHO Byunghee, four conspicuous figures in Korean contemporary crafts industry. About 20 pieces of artwork inspired by the full moon will be shown in Hong Kong for the first time. KIM Insig’s moon jars remind us of the full moon, while LEE Jungwon’s glass artworks beautifully reflect the colors of the moon. KWON Jungmo made light objects and glass artworks that resemble the moonlight and the color of the moon respectively. Finally, CHO Byunghee's media art brings a story about moon with sensual images with trendy and atmospheric music. The well-known Korean white porcelain moon jar first made during the Joseon dynasty has influenced the craft industry until today. Through this exhibition, the audience can appreciate not only the moon jar, but also other Korean crafts derived from the characteristics of the moon.

OCT 15th - NOV 20th, 2021



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Insig Kim

Jeongwon Lee 

Jungmo Kwon 

Byunghee Cho