Eunjin Jeong

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Eun-jin Jeong’s lacquer works symbolize the devotion and endurance of a true artisan and the heartfelt depth behind her colorful and delicate layering of lacquer. Inheriting the traditional lacquer craftsmanship of Korea, Jeong flexibly embraces the charm of the lacquer material that changes slightly depending on time and the drying environment. The artist's repetitive work process is reflected in the grace of each complete piece.


<ATTO> Shot Glass, Eunjin Jung, Glass, ø44 x 60 mm

<ATTO> Glass Cup, Long (270ml), Eunjin Jung, Glass, ø56 x 133 mm

<ATTO> Glass Cup (360ml), Eunjin Jung, Glass, ø85 x 89 mm


Colors in Hope 7-21 Sep 2022




Produced and published by The stroll gallery, 2022.

All information is courtesy of the artist and The stroll gallery.

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