Lee Na




Lee Na's work began with photos from childhood in the 80s and 90s. 

Lee Na drew while looking at the photos, which naturally led to drawings, collages and painting. She started drawing the person who was closest to her. By focusing on the person in the photo, she felt that the emotions of the person at the time were transferred to her. She dragged the people in the photos into her world and created a new scene according to the mood and emotions she was feeling. The people outside the photos lead to a new story and play a central role in the story. All their emotions, their relationships, the people around them and the scenery in the photos. She focuses on these elements of the story. Based on these elements, Lee Na continues to explore the possibilities of a story. 


In this exhibition [때마침 초록; The Green Room] her paintings are influenced by my childhood memories, emotions and fantasies. Children may not be strong enough, but they are flexible and full of life. The flexible nature and richness of life will stimulate your own imagination. She came up with an imaginary space with the children in my childhood photos as a motif. Fresh fruits, animals and insects harmonize in a huge forest where there are only children. She hopes that it will be an opportunity for someone to enter the world of the painting and bring back fond memories that have been forgotten, or stimulate their imagination.  



라임나무숲 Lime Tree Forest, color on Korean paper, 117x73 cm, 2023
    소녀와고라니 Girl and Water Deer, color on Korean paper, 130x53 cm, 2022
      청사과나무 Green Apple Tree,  color on Korean paper, 35x35cm, 2022
        배나무소년 Pear Tree Boy, color on Korean paper, 60.5x73 cm, 2021




          때마침 초록; The Green Room - 2023

          The Secret Cabinet - 2022






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