Na Lee

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Na Lee’s work inspired with childhood photos in the 80s and 90s. The artists drew while looking at the photos, which naturally led to drawing, collage, and painting. Lee started drawing the person closest to her, the photos of her parents when they were young, and the childhood photos of her brothers and friends; they created such familiar yet unfamiliar feelings. 

By focusing on the person in the photo, Na Lee felt that the emotion of the person such as, loneliness, sadness, and hope, at the time was conveyed to the artist. Lee dragged the people in the photos into the world and made a new scene according to the mood and emotions she felt. The characters outside the photos lead to a new story and play a central role in the story. Lee’s series has been a fragmentary depiction of scenes inspired by childhood memories, emotions, and imagination, future works are intended to continue the series with an individual story. [A swan pond, (백조의 연못)]is a series of work about a man who is a human during the day and turns into a swan at night. [A secret house, (비밀의 집)] is planned to depict the events that happen as children explore a secret space, visually contrasting the artificial space with the organic nature. In a broad sense, the work contains content about the coexistence of nature and humans 

Although the work started from a rather personal experience, the artist hopes that it will be an opportunity to evoke emotions and experiences that the audience felt but easily overlooked, or stimulations to their imagination. 



  • 청사과나무, 장지에연필, 동양화물감, 35x35cm, 2022

  • 배나무소년, 장지에연필, 동양화물감, 60.5x72cm, 2022



The Secret Cabinet





Produced and published by The stroll gallery, 2022.
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