Yunzo Paek

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Yunzo Paek is interested in small jokes and antics about things that pass by casually. Such imagination is possible in the artist’s work. The overall tone and image of works are bright, but sometimes it gives off a slight, not too heavy black comedy by including a twist to the story. Across the background, there are bold and cool monochromatic tones and images with carefulness and detail. 

The artist’s work consists of three series: The Doodle series, expressing freely or repeated thoughts in the mind using the memory of the walking rhythm, the Walk series, which represents routine and simple yet powerful, and the Face series illustrates the slight movement of the face. 

The Walk skeries started with 'Walk'. The bitterness that was once in the body and mind would disappear as one walked. After feeling small pleasures, a good mood, and positive energy, with that power, the full-scale work of painting began. 

In the aritst’s work, she wants to capture the simple joy and positivity, visual rhythm, and quiet humor that come from the everyday things around us. 



  • Good Morning (walk series), Yunzo Paek, Oil on canvas, 91x72.2cm, 2022

  • Walk (w alk series), Yunzo Paek, Oil on canvas, 91x72.2cm, 2022




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Produced and published by The stroll gallery, 2022.
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