Chansong Kim

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Chansong Kim has been fascinated by “body” and its shape for nealry ten years. She felt surreal when she faced her body in her photography. Following is Chansong Kim’s statement, and it descriptively depicts the relationship between the body and her paitning.  

“As I put the timer and photographed myself, by chance only the body remains on the screen. And the faceless body gazed at me like a stranger. Sometimes this body seemed to me only a mass. It then seemed to be beyond a certain border. The experience of the moment when I felt like a stranger to myself as I believed I was the closest being gave a sense of strangeness, discomfort and fascination. 

There is me, the object of the shot outside the screen. And the foreign body in the photo is an object that shakes the subject. It is heterogeneous and unstable. In order to acquire a stable subjectivity, it expels what threatens him inside the screen. And the masses pushed inside still remain around ambiguous borders. Those who are expelled constantly try to destroy the borders, while the subject keeps pushing back these attempts; which maintains the borders, and through this threat, the subject takes a more solid position. 

At this point, I transform the body again by means of painting so as to separate the body in the screen and the one outside. First, I take hundreds of photos for the first step of the job. Through this process, the subject is consumed as the object of the photo - the role of the object rather than the body - unlike the beginning. Sometimes cutting itself, sometimes deforming itself partially, the body gradually remains with a body which we ignore who it belong to. Although the subject and the body inside the screen are intertwined, we manage to realize that this complete separation attempt was unsuccessful. And this body remains like a moment in suspense with the subject somewhere on these ambiguous borders. In this process, another, anxious and immanent begins to appear, blurring the boundaries.” 



  • Layers, Chansong Kim, Oil on canvas, 91x91cm, 2021

  • An anonymous scene, Chansong Kim, Oil on canvas, 91x91cm, 2021



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