Jiyeon Kim

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My work is divided into "Moon Series," "Abstract Series" which is based on meditation, and "Heart Bowl Series" based on ceramics and dishware.

The Moon series is an expression of my feelings about the moon that quietly illuminates dark times. There are two main meanings for the moon in my paintings.

At the darkest moment of the day, the moon shines brightly onto the world. In my painting, the moon symbolizes a grateful being who silently stays with me during the most difficult times of life. Also, Koreans wish upon the moon. It has been believed wishes that are wished upon the moon will come true someday. My moon paintings contain a desperate and longing heart.

The Abstract series is mainly about finding small but precious values hidden in the human mind, nature, and worldly beings. As the saying goes -- looking at the universe in a grain of sand, looking at heaven in a flower, looking at eternity in a moment, looking closely at the small but important things that exist in this world, and focusing on their values.

In the Heart Bowl series, I unravel the meaning of pottery through my work process. I wanted to remember forever, the moment I found such a big and precious meaning in the ordinary and simple pottery, and the moment that I drank fragrant tea with my loving family, so I started to explore meaning through working on oil painting.

My paintings, ceramics, teacups, and bowls embody the time I spend with my loved ones, and the desperate desire to keep the short but precious moments that pass by in this life forever in my heart.

The second meaning of pottery that I discovered is the oriental value and the spirit of the composition. I think the oriental expression of 'heart bowl' contains profound values and meanings that cannot be expressed in Western languages. We admired the spirit of the ancient ancestors who likened the human mind to a bowl, and so we continued to paint paintings with ceramics as the subject



  • The moon, Jiyeon Kim, Oil on canvas, 45x45cm, 2022

  • The moon, Jiyeon Kim, Oil on canvas, 65x91cm, 2022



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