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Yeonhong Kim is deeply interested in the physical space where the artist feel psychological stability without anxiety and self-doubt. There are two types of such spaces according to the artist; One is a space with sincere peopel, and the other is the great nature.  In 2021, Kim mainly worked on the theme of the natural landscape, which was affected by social distancing and lock down due to COVID-19. Because of corona pandemic situation restricted the artist from meeting others who could give the artist phsychological rest, she dreamed of experiencing magnificent nature and wanted to translate such phsycological landscape onto her canvas. The magnificent aura of Mother Nature shelters Kim’s alarmism and anxieties, and led her to only focus on the contour of the mother nature.  

When looking at the landscape for a long time, the mountains and waves are simplified and sometimes transformed into interesting shapes. The artist brings such shapes to the canvas as if she captures the form by adding abstracted time.  

These works, titled as 'Tranquil Space' (안녕의 공간) are abstracted landscapes where the artist paints based on her memory and the desire to leave. The ‘tranquil space’ is a place where her longing for leaving meets craving for stability.  

Yeonhong Kim combines landscapes with daydreaming, and moves the scenes from existing images and reality, and thus ‘Tranquil Landscape’ expands further into the viewers’ own new landscape. 



  • Walking Together(함께 걷기), Yeonhong Kim, Oil on cotton fabric , 53 x 72.7cm, 2021

  • Walking Together(함께 걷기), Yeonhong Kim, Oil on cotton fabric , 53 x 72.7cm, 2021

  • The color of waves : Turquoise, Yeonhong Kim, Oil on canvas, 53 x 40.9cm, 2021

  • Together2, Yeonhong Kim, Oil on fabric paper, 30 x 40cm, 2021

  • Together1, Yeonhong Kim, Oil on fabric paper , 30 x 40cm, 2021



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