Ambiguous Intimacy

Exhibition Overview

The advancement of technology in the modern world has brought about a revolutionary shift in the way people form human relationships. Through the power of technology, people now have the incredible ability to connect with others regardless of time zones and geographical boundaries. They can peer into someone's life and experiences without the need for face-to-face interaction. This has not only broadened our social connections but has also invigorated the realms of culture and art. 

The artistic process of Jiyoon Jeong, a painter who transforms found web images into paintings, shows a strong resemblance to the way modern individuals form relationships online. This parallel is not a mere coincidence. Jeong's approach goes beyond the mere replication of images. Instead of solely focusing on the emotions, narratives, or memories captured in the photographs she collects, the artist relies on the formal elements that constitute the composition, such as poses, expressions, and the states of the subjects. She uses these visual elements to craft her paintings, daringly reshaping the original image. By reconstructing the composition in monochrome, removing the original colors, and applying dripping techniques that scatter paint, Jeong pulls the image into the realm of "painting" from "photography." The once intangible and anonymous image now take on a physical form capable of facilitating two-way communication. 

What sets Jeong's work apart is the way she invites viewers to actively engage with her artwork. By distorting and reinterpreting the original images, she sparks curiosity and encourages viewers to form their own connections. When encountered with a gaze that reaches beyond the screen or a gentle smile radiating a laid-back happiness, sensations of sunlight and the aroma of dry earth, viewers briefly experience a fleeting familiarity within the monochromatic screen, where even the time seems elusive. In that moment, the image transcends its role as a personal record of a stranger and embarks on the first step of forging new connections by acquiring fresh interpretations and meanings. 

Jiyoon Jeong's artwork presents a unique visual language that stems from the superficial relationships found within web-based images, beckoning viewers to embark on an exploration of the underlying human connections. Through her solo exhibition, "Ambiguous Intimacy," held at The Stroll gallery, she explores the notion of intimacy in today's digital age. By reflecting on the core of human connections through her artistic expression, viewers are encouraged to envision the vast array of possibilities that await us in terms of communication and interpersonal bonds. 

Jiyoon Jeong (b.1994)

Jiyoon Jeong, based in South Korea, presents artwork that embodies the sensory characteristics of found images collected from the web, rendered in a monotone style. While representing traditional genres of painting, Jeong seeks to transcend conventional interpretations by incorporating image distortions to achieve an abstract quality. Holding a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Contemporary Art from Daegu University, she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Painting at Hongik University Graduate School. Her pieces have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions, as well as art fairs, across multiple cities such as Seoul, Daegu, and Busan. Notably, in 2019, she took part in the Daegu Gachang Creation Studio Residency program. 



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Jiyoon Jeong